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Often the basic sciences are overlooked by companies who search for partners in more trendy or applied research areas. However, Eberly College of Science (ECOS), the home of Penn State’s biological, physical, and mathematical sciences, is ranked among the top 10 academic institutions nationwide. Researchers from our seven departments cooperate across disciplines to create holistic approaches to global solutions such as disease, resistance evolution, energy, and big data as well as educating future global leaders and innovators. We ask that you Think Science to help move your company to the next level.
Under the $30M Invent Penn State Initiative, our University has several opportunities for partnership including talent access, research engagement, and thought leadership (defined as working with our world-class faculty and customized executive programs). Our office’s cross-university approach allows us to deliver customized service to support the business objectives of your company, whether that be growing, learning, or solving. Let Science help you succeed.

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Tech transfer from research at Penn State generated $22.5 million in fiscal 2015. This is partly thanks to the university’s reworked approach to intellectual property, which makes it easier than ever for researchers to work with outside companies to fast-track innovations:

  • Penn State will not seek to retain ownership of IP.
  • Penn State will assign IP to sponsor upon request.
  • Penn State has the right to publish research results.
  • Penn State has the right to practice IP for research and educational purposes.
  • If Penn State research results lead to exceptional commercial success, sponsor agrees to share proportionally with Penn State.
  • Exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis.

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