As researchers at Penn State Science, you make discoveries that have the potential to improve the health, safety, and ease of life on Earth and beyond. Penn State Science’s Office for Innovation will work with you to:

  • Protect your Intellectual Property (IP), a critical first step in creating a usable product or method;
  • Find new industry partners that can transform your discoveries into products and services;
  • Connect you with resources to foster continued innovation and entrepreneurial development.

Lab Bench To Commercialization Grant

Fund your Translational Research!
The Eberly College of Science (ECoS) is committed to fostering technology development and bringing academic research to the marketplace. The Lab Bench to Commercialization Grant Program, in partnership with the Penn State Research Foundation (PSRF), is a source of competitive funds for researchers within the College of Science.
The Lab Bench to Commercialization Grant Program provides grantees $75,000. The 2018/2019 funding year will runAugust 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019. Projects are limited to one year of funding, with up to a 6 month extension if funds have not been fully exhausted. While collaborative grants are encouraged, the grant’s Principal Investigator (PI) must be appointed in the College of Science.
Researchers who apply for funds should be prepared to take the next steps in translating their Intellectual Property (IP), including developing strategies for continued development and market commercialization (may include third party licensing or start-ups). Successful applications must demonstrate that funding will significantly impact development activities for existing IP and/or research that may be commercialized. Subject inventions may include a tangible product, therapeutic, process/method, software program, or significant improvement of a current market product.

During the funding period, PSRF’s Fund for Innovation Program and the ECoS Office for Innovation will assist grantees in critically evaluating their technology, help to find optimal market applications, and give feedback regarding plans for development and commercialization (including licensing to third parties). The Penn State Office of Technology Management will assist grantees in protecting any new and related IP as well as (if applicable) licensing the IP to a third party (including an inventor start-up).

Review of proposals will begin on May 25, 2018, with award notices being made as soon as possible thereafter. For more information, please click below or contact Melissa Long at

Grant RFP

Innovation Gateway

Innovation Gateway is a new tool designed to connect PSU researchers to the technical challenges and needs of industry.

Opportunities posted to Innovation Gateway typically fall into three categories:

  • Request for Proposal (RFP) – Used when a company has identified one or more specific challenges or technical needs, is looking for proposed solutions, and has a budget to fund a sponsored research project.
  • Request for Information (RFI) – Used when a company has an ongoing need for new technology and is seeking a faculty researcher with relevant expertise and an interest in collaboration.
  • Request to Partner (RTP) – Used when a company is looking for a university research faculty member or team in response to an open or planned federal grant.

See what companies are looking to partner with you today!

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Allied-Bristol Life Sciences Request for Proposals

Overview: Allied-Bristol Life Sciences (ABLS) is a joint venture between Allied Minds and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. that works with leading U.S. research institutions to translate innovative science into product opportunities in key therapeutic areas. University researchers will have access to the drug discovery and development expertise provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb; a BMS-affiliated, a cost-effective and fully integrated Drug Discovery and Development Center in India (BBRC; Biocon-BMS, R&D center); and the financial and management experience that Allied Minds offers in order to incubate early-stage innovations.


Requests for Poroposals in Six Therapeutic Areas:

Cardiovascular Diseases
Genetically defined diseases


Award & Proposal:  ABLS is currently accepting proposals for collaboration on a rolling basis, reviewing them monthly, to identify strong therapeutic candidates and has a large research budget (up to $16M per program) dedicated for projects with partner universities.


IP: ABLS is interested in licensing opportunities. Please work with your technology licensing officer to determine whether this program is suitable for you.


Deadline: One page non-confidential applications can be submitted to:  with a copy sent to the Office for Innovation via Ashley Chan at Please see more details and application on the Office for Innovation website:


Note: Your application should only contain NON-confidential information. Providing any non-published, confidential information in this application is equivalent to disclosing information publicly. Should you have questions about your submission, please contact the ECOS Office for Innovation at:

Info & Application

Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes, Entrepreneur In Residence for the Eberly College of Science, talks a little about his background and how to get involved in innovation.

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